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A Community For The Emo.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A Community For The Emo.

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Suicide online [30 Aug 2006|09:16pm]
who will miss you?

[07 May 2005|09:19pm]

I'm new here...but that's cool. I noticed that there's very few people in this community...emo people don't really gather together.
I'm having a very Postal Service kind of night tonight.
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fear [17 Mar 2004|12:15am]

//And so I fa l l
I dont want to feel this small//

And you cant fight the tears that aint comin
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yeah, you bleed just to know you're aliveCollapse )
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welcome me please [18 Feb 2004|04:11pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

the dark man came to me last night
he touched my face and asked me to come with him

I told him no

the dark man came to me last night
he touched my face and told me to come with him

I told him no and away we went

he took me far but left my body behind
the dark man showed me the unseen
a world I see everyday from a new point-of-view

the dark man showed me my life for what its worth
what other people see me as

the dark man showed me what I needed to see
what others think of me

no one cares, if they do they care to hate me.
care to love?
hell no
leave that twisted soul alone to rot.


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[02 Dec 2003|11:08am]

[ mood | anxious ]

last night i dreamt i was her-- shannon mcfarland-- all bloody and broken... shotgun dangling from my fingertips and not wanting an ounce of pity with my face blown off. drowning in my own blood, struggling to breathe, clutching my trusty shotgun and still working that skin-tight crepe dress.

give me undaunting persecution. FLASH.

je l'ai a gauche dans moi pour donner au monde une derniere belle chose. et alors je serai vide... vide... et sois force d'arranger pendant une vie d'atrocitie amere.
who will miss you?

I thought this community needed a jumpstart [02 Aug 2003|01:06am]

I think that Richie Tenenbaum killed himself best. I think it was a mix of the Elliott Smith and the blue light making his blood look a rich red bordering on purple.
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[17 Dec 2002|12:11am]

Check this out-
"Funny. It did turn out to be a conspiracy. And now I've got nothing left. And I've hurt the only person I've ever loved. Fuck this journal. Fuck this life. I'm just going to drive off a fucking bridge."
who will miss you?

[10 Dec 2002|10:20pm]

another one of craig's genious communities...

it's title and purpose has provoked a sort of interest in me. though i've never been too comfortable discussing the feelings i've had before which almost drove me to suicide, i feel it might be something of a therapy to listen and perhaps share these expieriences with other people who understand.

i'm only 16. i'm young. i don't know a whole lot about anything... but i do know what it's like to not have anybody. the feeling of being cornered in your own life. being trapped and not knowing if its worth trying anymore... yeah i know it. blablablablabla.

i'm such a melodramatic teenager. make fun of me.
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*cry* [10 Dec 2002|02:45pm]

[ mood | um..emo? ]

Ok...you caught me. I'm emo. I admit it.


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i'm sooooo alone [09 Dec 2002|11:26pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

When I am dead, and over me bright April
Shakes out her rain drenched hair,
Tho you should lean above me broken hearted,
I shall not care.
For I shall have peace.
As leafey trees are peaceful
When rain bends down the bough.
And I shall be more silent and cold hearted
Than you are now.

someone love me

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[10 Dec 2002|01:48am]

End me.
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